T H C lvl glitching

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T H C lvl glitching

Post  p k z 0 r on Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:22 am


i was fighting T H C im lvl 121 and he was 123
so we fought in lvl 2 wildy then i ran out of food so i run ( had precious stuffs with me)

then i was in lvl1 ande actually i died out wildy so he lvl glitched me

i dont got any screenie but k0 rune k0 was witness!

he glitched before he hitted 80 on me yesterday with magic shortbow -,-
well not 80 directly but with spec or something and veng

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Re: T H C lvl glitching

Post  t h c on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:37 pm

kid idk whats wrong with you first off rune wasnt a witness he told you himself i kilt you fair so idk why ur even posting this is it my fault u run off with 14hp left n get hit right before i enter 1 wild. this is not my fault so i wish you would stop talking about it and for the last time i didnt not hit a 80 on you it was a 32 24 with a d bow not a magic short -_-. which didnt even kill you it . you died from like a 13 14 combo so plz just cut it out man your really starting to piss me off you wine about everything and the only reason ur saying i glitched you was because i kilt you for void.. just cut it out man its a game.
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